Sheep and Goats

Did I already show you these photos? 

A few months ago I visited a farm to meet some sheep and goats. The Boehms generously and graciously let me come for a visit. 

The first goat truly cracks me up. I love it. 

Have a great Friday! 


Summer Bug

Cicada at Assisi.
He reminded me to pause and notice creation's beautiful, buggy details. 


July 17. What?!?!

It is July 17, and I am in utter disbelief. July is moving so very swiftly. It has been a magnificent month!

My sophomore year college roomies came to visit from a Friday night to a Sunday morning earlier this month. It was delightful. We had such fun. Here's a column all about it and a couple pics courtesy of my pal, Sarah.

Here's another recent Post-Bulletin column...

This one is about Rochester. 

Last week I was up in Lutsen with my mom and fiance! We had a wonderful week of nature and relaxation and adventure. It was a perfect combo platter. I love vacation. Entirely. I just love every single drip drop of it. Lake Superior...a soul sister of sorts.

I haven't yet gone through the hundreds of photos from the week but when I do, I'm excited to post and write about it. My goal is to get back into a regular writing and blogging practice. The last few months have been very full but heading into late summer & fall, things shift into a more chill pace. I'm grateful for all of it; life is good.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


This Week's Column: Jesus

This week's column highlights the many layers of Jesus' identity. 

Are we connected on Instagram & Twitter? I hope so!

My screen name is @emilyannecarson. 


Bike It

If you and I have shared a personal interaction in the past month, then there's no doubt you heard me talking about one specific topic at some point: BIKING IN ROCHESTER.

I'm in. All in. 

While oftentimes my "new hobbies" come and go and then quickly fade into oblivion (I'll get back to you at some point, cross stitch), others come and then stick around for a long while. 

It appears that biking fits squarely into the "sticking around" category because I love it more each day. In case you, too, are interested in getting your pedaling on, here are some resources!


Frugal Finds

Black beans. 
So great and inexpensive. 
Full of vitamins and minerals. 

One cup of cooked black beans includes the following percentages of your daily recommended amounts:

64% folate
40% copper
38% manganese
35% vitamin B1
 30% magnesium
 24% phosphorus
 20% iron

Dang, beans. Nice work. Here's more black bean info

While I love all the nutritional value of black beans, I especially love that they are very cheap. Ever since I listened to this audiobook last summer (and then this book), I've been especially obsessed with all things frugal. And beans, my friends, fit nicely into my financial goals.

I recently purchased a 4-pound bag of black beans for $4.25. 

When prepared, those 4-pounds of dried beans amount to about 24 cups of cooked beans. 


That's so much food for $4.25.

Let me just continue the amazement!

That's 5448 calories of nutrient-dense food (227 cals per cup of cooked beans)!

For only $4.25.

(all the glorious folate!)

I like to eat beans with...rice, corn tortillas, salsa, chips, spices, veggies, hummus (beans on beans), eggs, and plain!

I've been experimenting with different ways to cook dried beans and my favorite is overnight in the slow cooker. I mostly recently tried to cook them on high overnight for 12 hours and they turned out great. That was with a 1-hour pre-soak. Be warned....it's hard to scrub a white crock pot clean after it has been bean-ed. You may want to invest in a separate crockpot from Goodwill exclusively for bean use. 

Do you have any favorite bean recipes? Or favorite beans?  

PS: Canned beans are also a great, frugal deal!


This Week's Column: Biking

I've been riding my bike around town for the past month, and it has been a beautifully life-giving experience!

Here's this week's column all about it. 



Digging out from a pile of unread newspapers this evening! Sometimes I get at least a week behind!

I came across this precious comic. 

May you feel the sunshine this weekend. ☀️


Happy Birthday & This Week's Column

Hi there!


Today was a fantastic day of family time. Loved every minute of it. 

This week's column was about the superheroes among us. 


Happy to be here

Morning moments on the deck
And here begins my 34th year. Time is beautiful and mysterious, and I hear all the years keep running their ever-increasing pace. So...the best we can do is really taste them. Savor them. Eat them up. Pause for moments of gratitude and bliss.

The birds and I are singing this morning...them with their worms and tunes, me with my blueberries and words. I feel so abundantly thankful to be on this deck...in this place...fully immersed in living. 

The miracle of it all is not lost on me or the robin perched to my left. We are both very happy to be here.