Have a great week!

Hi there! I'm on vacation this week, and I'm signing off from FitBit and blogging for the week. 
Enjoy creation, laugh a lot, and celebrate all that brings you bliss. 


This week's Frugal Find

Do you live near a Cub foods? We have one in Rochester, and today's Frugal Finds can be found at Cub! Get this: THEY GIVE AWAY TOTALLY FREE STUFF.

YES - THAT'S RIGHT. FREE. They have something called Friday Freebie. Sometimes there are TWO Friday Freebies. And sometimes Cub has other random coupons in there app for free stuff, too. 

Like this...

I would generally never spend $2 on an individual yogurt. 

But a free fancy organic, whole milk yogurt?

Oh yes, yes, yes. Sign me up!

This yogurt was legitimately one of the best yogurts I've ever tasted. Very much like Noosa. Creamy, decadent, fruity. Yogurt perfection. And the fact that it was free was extra delicious. 

To get the free Cub goodness, you've got to get the Cub app and load the coupons onto the app. Another cool thing about Cub: you can stack coupons. App coupons + paper manufacturer's coupons + store sales = great deals. They also have gas discounts connected with Holiday stations.

There are a number of places in the Rochester area that allow for the stacking of coupons. This includes Walgreens, HyVee (they're rocking it with their Fuel Saver program; people LOVE it!), and Family Dollar. Do you know of others? 

Her'e's what I'm learning...the best deals come through a combination of smart use of cell phone apps, paper coupons, sale prices, Ibotta, and common sense. 


Otherwise, it's wasted money. 

But - if you combine coupon stacking with the Ibotta app when applicable, you're talking MAJOR savings. Have you already signed up for Ibotta? If not - please use my sign-up code when you create your account. My code is chslbos. You get a $10 bonus after you get your first rebate, and I get a lil' kickback, too. If you're interested, go for it! It's easy and kind of fun. 

 I hope you're happy week full of smart spending and spectacular saving! 


Music Monday on Tuesday: LOCAL NATIVES

Local Natives is one of my favorite bands of all time. 
And they recently released their new album called Sunlit Youth. 

Here's what I'm loving....

*And...Brit-Brit...which reminds me of this great episode of Mystery Show


Weekend recap

Sunday night?! Already! WHOA! Whirlwind!

Thursday night after work was #styleontheplaza. But it rained. Boo. So it was moved indoors in a very modified form. It was fun to get dolled up with hair and make-up; the rain was unfortunate.

Friday: DAY OFF! It was glorious. Justin was in town, and we had a blast.

Saturday: Farmer's market morning. Then preached/pulpit supply in Pine Island at 5:30pm!  Gospel text was John 16:1-13. Then quickly scooted back to Rochester for a 7:30pm event at the Unitarian Universalist church about the Nonviolent Peaceforce.

Sunday: Preached and then installed Rev. Grace at Fountain Lutheran Church and then over at Root Prairie. Such a joyful, celebratory day! Gospel text was John 21:15-19.

This afternoon Mom and I went on a nice long walk. The weather was nice and warm. And then I spent about 2.5 hours cooking and freezing the massive amount of CSA produce that had collected over the last couple weeks. ONE CSA week to go! My favorite tonight was a simple recipe for Ethiopian cabbage! Cabbage, tumeric, cumin, and salt. Turned out great!

It's about 9pm now; the rest of the evening will be spent column writing and then scooting to bed. I think I will sleep quite well! I hope you had a great weekend, too!


Frugal Finds

I'm loving the frugal living. Loving it. Primarily because it's helping me reach my financial goals. It feels good. So...it's that time! Let me tell you about this week's frugal finds! 

I'm learning so much through couponing and frugal living. One of my biggest lessons has been that a person doesn't really ever need to pay full price for anything! There's almost always a way to get a reduced price through the use of an app or coupon or thoughtful shopping. 

Over the past 6 weeks, I've cut my expenses by about 80%. I did that through spending very little money on non-essentials. Beyond bills, rent, and my student loan payment, I'm doing my best to keep the expenses at a minimum (while still enjoying life!). That being said, I do still need to buy some non-food items now and then. I'm learning to make lists and really think through all purchases IN ADVANCE. That's helping me discern needs vs. wants. 

This week's deals....

*Toilet paper....obviously, a need. :) I checked out price points in the local area, and found the best deal to be at Fleet Farm! Several dollars cheaper than anywhere else for the amount in the package.

I was able to add in this $1/1 ($1 off of 1 package), and that made the total cost $7.98 for a 20 roll package. If you have a Fleet Farm handy, I'd say go for it. I was in and out of the store in 3 minutes. 

Next up, baked beans which has become a regular food item in my weekly line-up. I love to make a giant batch of rice at the beginning of the week and then eat it alongside a bean dish and a veggie all week. I found these Asian BBQ beans at Target for $1. The Sriracha and Grillin Beans were both on sale using a $1 off coupon from the weekend paper. 

So 4 cans of yummy beans for $4! I think I'll eventually get planful enough to cook dried beans. But in the meantime, these are a good value and decent nutritional content, too...especially when paired with fresh veggies and brown rice. 

I needed some new hair conditioner, and it was Walgreens to the rescue! They're running at 2 for $5 sale right now. That's cool and all, but following these tips from Hip2Save, I got them basically for free. 

I was also at the bottom of the bottle on mouthwash, which was on sale for $3.50! I had a $2/1 coupon from either the newspaper or coupons.com, so I only paid $1.50. Yahoo. But, if you follow Krazy Coupon Lady's instructions, you can get it for free. 

I am gluten-free so pasta is not my jam. But I do love to use pasta sauce on veggies and with rice! These lil' puppies were a great deal! They're on sale at Walgreens. 2 for $3. Add in two coupons from the weekend newspaper (my mom let me snag her coupons, too!). And then final cost was about 50 cents each! Use your Walgreens register rewards, and they'll be free! You can catch a very similar deal at Target using the same coupon from the weekend paper. 

I like yogurt! It's a daily staple. And I'm usually up for trying something new. These were a little bit of a splurge for me because I can find really good deals on yogurt. But, this was definitely a decent value. These Yoplait GoBig pouches are a new product, and new products regularly appear on Ibotta. This was part of a a 75 cent rebate on Ibotta which I'm not sure is still available. And I had a $1/1 coupon from coupons.com. That made it about $2.50 for 8 large pouches. Decent! And they are quite delicious.   

Snack food of the week: these gluten-free Van's crackers! They're on sale for $2 at Target; if you Cartwheel, you'll get another 50 cents off. and I signed-up for the Van's mailing list and got a $1.25 coupon. So that made this box of crackers 22 cents! Snackin' time!

Have you found any great deals this week on regular-use items? 


This week's column

Tomorrow night is the fashion show in downtown Rochester. Whoo-hoo! Looking forward to a fun night. 

Then a little Friday downtime before another big weekend. Pulpit supply preaching Saturday evening in Pine Island. And then scooting over to two congregations, Fountain and Root Prairie, on Sunday morning. Pastor Grace is being installed; looking forward to preaching and being present for the installation. 

Just one little catch. The Saturday night congregation and the Sunday morning congregations don't have the same readings! So that will mean one sermon for Saturday and another for Sunday. Oh well! More time to dig into the Gospels, right? 

Here's a link to the most recent Post-Bulletin column: You rest, you best. 

Hope your mid-week is going wonderfully!


Music Monday

Tunes for the week...

Pop music edition!

Cold Water by Major Lazer and Biebz

Into You by Ariana Grande

Closer by The Chainsmokers *** CURRENT FAV

Never be Like You by Flume feat. Kia

Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay (live)


Weekend Wrap-up

It has been a busy-wizzy weekend in Emily world. And some nature time this afternoon! 

I led a women's retreat about friendship over at St. Olaf Lutheran Church in Austin, MN on Saturday. Then headed to Our Savior's in Spring Valley on Saturday evening and Sunday to provide some pulpit supply for their pastor who is out of town. Love this week's Gospel text.  It was a joy to get the opportunity to explore the reading in community with others. 

It was a great weekend and went by in a flash. 

Heading off now to do some column writing and meal planning for a big week (it's the week of the fashion show so that means a fitting, a rehearsal, and then the big show on Thursday night)

Work has been really fulfilling and productive lately. I'm finding immense joy in it; very grateful for this season of my life. 

Hope you've had a good weekend, too!


September is ITP Awareness Month

September is ITP awareness month! So give your platelets some extra love! My ITP journey started in July of 2010. 6 years ago! Wowzers. What a journey it has been. I'm grateful for lessons learned and a sustainable treatment plan.

To all who have journeyed with ITP and all the family/friends who have supported them: Keep learning! Keep growing! Keep advocating for your wellness and healing. And know that you're never alone!