This week's column

"Study for the Archangel Gabriel" by Nicolas Mignard (French, Troyes 1606–1668 Paris)

Here's this week's column. 

It's about Zechariah and losing your voice and finding your awareness.

A couple questions for you to ponder (I'm pondering them, too)...

  • When in my life has something looked like a punishment but actually been more of a present? 
  • What new awarenesses might Zechariah have come to during the time when he couldn't speak? 
  • How do you feel about silence? 
  • How would you have responded to the angel Gabriel? 
I hope you had a good weekend! I had a great Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I got to head down to the Iowa border to pulpit supply at a 2-point congregation. It was a really special morning and I felt grateful to spend the 2nd Sunday of Advent in those contexts. The text was Mark 1:1-8...I love that Mark starts with John the Baptist in the wilderness...it's a bold move. He skips all of what we'd consider the Christmasy kinds of details and gets right to adult John and adult Jesus. It was a cool Gospel to explore in community. 

Peace to you!


God is ineffable

How did Christians turn Jesus’ message into rules for joining an exclusive, superior club? Psychology, neuroscience, and Buddhism have observed that this is how the mind works at early stages of development. With maturity, we come to recognize that all religious language is by necessity metaphorical. God is ineffable, a mystery that cannot be captured in words. In the early stages, religions get lost in protecting these metaphors, reasserting our group’s truth, and building impassable walls rather than creating bridges and gates. The global awareness we now have access to will not allow future generations to stay comfortably in our separate camps.

- Richard Rohr (link for full reflection)


This Week's Column

This week's column is an introduction to the season of Advent with a bit of history on the Advent wreath!

Here's the link. 


Olmsted County Drug Court

Participants and staff team of Olmsted County Drug Court at a positive, pro-social activity in summer 2017.

Good morning!

Here's a piece I've been working on over the last couple months for the Med City Beat - it's about the Olmsted County Drug Court.

This is the link. 

It has been so meaningful to me to connect with these great folks! Our county is fortunate to have a drug court - it's a healthy model of restorative justice.


This Week's Column

Flowers, flowers from September 2017

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! It flew by in glorious flash of family, food, and laughter. We had Thanksgiving fun in Minnesota on Thursday and down in Iowa on Saturday and Sunday.

Here's a link to this week's column. 



*photo flashback from the 2017 #fallpeacetour 


A Prayer for Thanksgiving

Author of Gratitude,

For all the ways you bring love and awareness into our lives,
we say thank you.

For the opportunities we have each day to practice patience,
we say thank you.

For time and safe spaces to worship, meditate, and reflect,
we say thank you.

For all the ways you provide daily bread,
we say thank you.

Creator who is ever-present,
INSPIRE us to be generous.
EQUIP us to be compassionate.
COMPEL us to be grateful.



This Week's Column

I hope you're having a good weekend!

Every year I write a column for Thanksgiving and it includes a prayer that people can use around their holiday meal. 

In the process of composing this year's column, I learned the story of the woman who advocated persistently for a shared national date for the holiday. Very interesting!



Nicolas Cochin
French, 1610-1686
Flower Print no.9

There will be no more fresh flowers in the yard for awhile.
No more hanging baskets.
No more marigolds or mums.

It is a different season now. 

I am thankful for artists and poets through the ages who have taken the time to paint and draw and write about petals and stems.  Their art stands as a reminder of what is to come. Again. Eventually.