This Week's Column

It's about George, Verna, and a box of belts. 



And for the last installation of vacation pics from late September: Pipestone!


Badlands National Park

Continuing the series "South Dakota: Take Me Back"...

Badlands National Park. 


Roses Only by Marianne Moore

Have you heard of the poem "Roses Only" by Marianne Moore?

It is brilliant.

I read and re-read it. 

And now I love it. 

Keep going all the way to the end and then read it a few times. 

It's about roses. And perhaps people, too. 


Something About You by Hayden James

Dry by Foreign Fields

Temporary Love by The Brinks

Young by Frankie Cosmos

Gemini by Tash Sultana


This Week's Column

Here's a link to this week's column

It's about a closet full of skeletons. 


Black Hills Institute

Tonight's photos come from the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research

This museum in Hill City was incredibly fascinating. It was definitely a highlight of the trip a few weeks back! 

Fossils and dinosaurs and rocks...it's all enough to make a person stand speechless in the wonder of it all. 

 This is The Custer Queen! The largest fairburn agate yet discovered!

Mom and I outside the museum!


This week's column

Good evening!

Here's a link to this week's column about Billy and tatanka and South Dakota.

May your week be full of peace.

PS: Happy birthday to my boyfriend, Justin. I love you, honeybee.


Custer State Park

Today's photos are a continuation of the 
#fallpeacetour series from last week's adventure in South Dakota. 
These photos are all from Custer State Park
What an incredible place! 

(Do you see Mr. Coyote!?)