Movie Review: Blackfish

Blackfish is a documentary that was released in early 2013. It is currently streaming on Netflix. Documentaries have been my favorite kinds of movies for a long time. It is a gift to live in a time with such great access to well-made, educational films!

Blackfish tells the story of orca whales in captivity - especially the story of Tilikum. Many of Seaworld's past trainers are interviewed in the film. Tilikum was taken from his mother at a young age. He is an orca whale with a history of aggression. But as the film progresses, viewers realize why he is so broken.

Words to describe this movie: disturbing, haunting, important, powerful, educational

I knew very little about orcas before watching this film. They are amazing creatures. And as the subtitle on the movie poster reads: "Never capture what you can't control."

Orcas are extremely communal animals. When they are placed in captivity, they have extremely limited space and they are placed alongside orcas of other family groups. It is a very unhealthy environment for these beautiful, majestic creatures.

The film tells the story of how some of the orcas were captured from the wild. Heart-breaking. The stories of the trainers that have been killed are also extremely heart-breaking.

Watch this movie. It brings a lot of awareness to issues regarding wildlife in captivity. Animal shelters and rescue zoos are a different issue. I'm thankful for places like The Bird Sanctuary in Florida. This film is not targeting those kinds of environments.

Specially, the film addresses the issues of orcas in captivity. I encourage you to watch it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Emily's Star Rating: 8.5/10